submitted by shanta lee from the unfurl session

in thinking about this question,  i chose my hair. for me, hair has been quite intimate, difficult, and a connection to the complicated relationship with myself on a lot of levels.    if my hair could speak, this is what i imagined that it would say:i am not sure what you would want
or have from me after you’ve
hot combed,
and dyed me

you’ve made additions to me during times you thought i was not enough
and cut me during times that you thought i needed to become something else

what would you have of me
and me of you after all of the ways you punished me for just being

however, i realize now that it is me you wanted to tame
because you were too afraid to allow yourself to just be the wild that you are
you were afraid of what they would way

don’t you know
don’t you understand
it through me, i can show you the way….
back to yourself